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Review: A restrained Hamlet who sees clearly through the tears

In Reviews on July 10, 2011 at 2:30 pm

There is murder and magic in the air at Boscobel in Garrison this summer, in the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival’s first-ever production of “Hamlet.”

There is, of course, a dead king, his usurping brother, a queen who wed her dead husband’s brother, and a ghost who wants revenge for a murder most foul.

And there is a prince whose world is a-swirl around him, who sees clearly what has happened and is bereft, beset, overwhelmed.

The magic is provided by director Terrence O’Brien and his first-class company of actors, led by the exceptional Matthew Amendt, whose performance as the doomed Dane is a revelation. Hamlet is a role for young actors, those who’ll one day grow into Macbeth or Lear. It is an unfair progression, really, like starting an ascent of Everest at its summit.

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